Top Tips for Visiting Arches National Park With Kids

Plan About 3 Days Here If Possible

Tip 1:

If you have 3 days, this will allow you to take some breaks from the park and even come back to it in the evening.

Arrive before 7am

Tip 2:

If you didn't get your timed entry ticket, you will need to arrive before 7am. You can also enter the park after 4pm without a timed entry ticket.  

Consider driving further into the park and then back tracking.

Tip 3:

If you can, be strategic and don't stop at the first viewpoints or hikes but continue halfway into the park to start your journey there.  

Leave the rock piles (cairns) as you found them.

Tip 4:

These small rock piles or cairns that you see are placed there by park rangers to help mark the trail. Do not touch or move them. 

Arches National Park's main road is 36 miles out and back.

Tip 5: 

 Total drive time is about 2 hours without stops depending on traffic.  

Make a game plan but be flexible with it.

Tip 6: 

It is important to map out what you want to see and what hikes you want to do.  Remember though that crowds, kids, and other things can come up that may require a plan change so be open & flexible. 

Soak in the beauty and enjoy every minute of your time at Arches National Park.

Tip 7: 

Palm Leaf

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