Best things to do at arbor day farm

By Katie Wittry

Tree Adventures is a must see attraction!

The outdoor Nature Explore Classroom is a great place to explore and play.

Tree Adventure also has so many thrilling things to try like the zip line, teeter totter, climbing wall, and more!

The highlight of Tree Adventure is the Treetop Village.

It is so incredible to walk across the suspended bridges among the gorgeous trees.

The treehouses at Treetop Village are also cool to go in!

The WonderNet is also a hit at the Treetop Village.

The Treetop Village is a great place to be adventurous as well as relax and enjoy nature.

While at Arbor Day Farm, make sure you visit Apple House Market for some gifts, wine, or barbeque at Porter's.

Save at least a few minutes to visit Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and at least take a picture of the Arbor Lodge mansion.

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