the gathering place

With 66 acres, this park requires lots of walking and tons of fun play! The kids will be tired. Also, the stroller or wagon can hold all of your things.

#1 bring a stroller or wagon

There are many opportunities to get wet at the Gathering Place. Everyone may want to bring a pair of sandals or crocs too in addition to athletic shoes.

#2 Have a change of clothes or swimwear

To beat the crowds and get a parking spot in the main lot, you need to arrive early. Plus, you will want as much time as possible to spend your day at the Gathering Place!

#3 arrive early

There is the main parking lot closest to Williams Lodge and the Adventure Playground as well as an overflow lot. The walk from the overflow lot to the Adventure Playground is about 10-15 minutes.

#4 Be aware of the parking situation

Before setting your kids free at the Adventure Playground, I suggest setting some ground rules. Consider making a plan of where to meet if anyone is lost. Also, plan on staying as a group in each play zone before moving on to another one.

#5 make a plan with your kids