Everything you need to know for your Iowa Rail explorers adventure

By Katie Wittry

Located in Boone, Iowa

In the same area as the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad


Follow the red Rail Explorers signs and flags for check in. 

Tour is 12.5 miles and takes about 2 hours


Enjoy the views from the Bass Creek High Trestle that towers 156 feet in the air. 

Bring some drinks and snacks to enjoy at the turnaround point


Rail Explorer uses pedal power for the motor to run


Pedaling is super easy , and you don't even have to do it the whole time.  No need to steer either!

Bring water, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen & Bug spray


Book your rail explorers tour ahead of time. You will LOVE this thrilling adventure and  be amazed by the views.

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