Best time to visit joshua tree plus perfect  hikes with the kids

By: Katie Wittry

Best Time to Visit  Joshua Tree

Spring- March-May Fall- October-November Winter can be a nice time too!

Arch Rock

1.2 mile loop trail to the awesome  Arch Rock


See the awesome Arch Rock!

Cholla Cactus Garden

Less than a quarter mile trail through tons of amazing cacti including the Cholla cactus


skull rock Trail

Park and take a quick pic of Skull Rock or do the 1.7 mile loop hike!


Skull Rock is fun to climb on!

Hall of horrors

Hike the .6 mile loop trail and look for the slot canyon- Hall of Horrors


Keys view

Walk the .2 mile paved trail to the upper lookout . See the Coachella Valley and more!


Also hike

Hidden Valley Nature Trail

Barker Dam

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