Best parks in des moines with kids

By Katie Wittry

Check out this farm themed park in Cumming, Iowa.

Quail Cove Park in West Des Moines has a cool large boulder for climbing and fantastic scenic views.

Knolls Park has a couple of super tall slides the kids love! There is a playground for the younger kids too!

Winterset City Park has so much to do including Clark Tower, hedge maze, an historic bridge, and some playgrounds 1

The kids will LOVE this pirate themed park in Altoona. 

Triumph Park has become one of our new favorite parks! It is so fun to climb through this play structure and go down the slides. It has a great area for smaller kids too!

Greenwood Park is a definite gem! There is a playground and splash pad. You can also walk on the boardwalk at the lagoon and smell the roses in the Rose Garden. 

Make sure to add ALL of these parks to your list. For more details, SWIPE UP!