Best ferry to mackinac island

By Katie Wittry

The two main ferry companies are Shepler's Ferry and Starline Mackinac Island Ferry Company.

It doesn't matter which ferry company you choose. We rode Shepler's Ferry because our tickets were included with our hotel stay at Mission Point Resort.

You can board the ferry from either St. Ignace or Mackinaw City. We did Mackinaw City because we were coming from the lower peninsula.

Ferry departures are frequent during the summer months. They run as frequently as 15 minutes apart. Both companies leave as early as 7:30am. 

Each ferry company has certain times where there is a ferry ride that goes under the Mackinac Bridge.

Starline Ferry also has special pirate ship cruises. These are significantly more expensive than the classic ferry ride.

To choose your ferry company, look at both Shepler's Ferry and Starline Ferry website to see what works best for your wants, schedule and budget.

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