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Visit the Money Museum in Kansas City

We recently visited the Money Museum in Kansas City and had the best time! There is so much to see and learn about here.

Read below for 5 awesome things to know about the Money Museum.

Exterior of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

5 Awesome Things about the Money Museum

#1 Admission is FREE

Not many things are free in life today, BUT this fantastic museum in Kansas City is! 

The Money Museum is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am until 4:00pm. 

It is important to note that before entering, guests must go through security screening similar to at an airport. All guests 18 and over must have a state ID, drivers license, or passport with them to enter.

#2 Parking is FREE

Along with free admission, the Money Museum in Kansas City also has free parking!

There is a visitor parking lot off of Wyandotte Street which is right outside of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

The Money Museum is located inside of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

#3 Free souvenir bag of shredded money

Near the door to exit the Money Museum, each visitor can grab their own bag of shredded money. How cool is that?!

Each bag of shredded money is equal to about $83 in shredded bills. 

The kids were SO thrilled to each have their own bag of shredded money. 

Fun Fact: One of the roles of the Federal Reserve Bank is to shred currency that is old, worn, ripped, or just not suitable for circulation. Approximately 2.5 billion dollars is shredded each year!

#4 Many hands-on activities

The Money Museum has a number of hands-on activities that kids of all ages will love. 

Kids love being able to touch things and there are many things that the kids can actually get their hands on in this museum.

One example is that kids can do shading with crayons to design their own currency. 

Additionally, it is fun for kids to try to lift the gold bar.

Also, there is an entire hallway of educational activities where kids can lift, turn, and maneuver things in order to learn about different financial concepts.

There are also a couple of fun photo opportunities throughout the museum.

#5 Very educational both at an adult and child’s level

The Money Museum was definitely designed with both adults and children in mind! I learned SO much when I visited this museum and through all the hands-on activities, my kids did too!

There are so many important financial concepts that the kids were exposed to at this museum. 

We also got to learn all about the roles of the Federal Reserve Bank.

My favorite part of this museum was watching the workers and robots process currency and transport it into the vault. It was also neat to be able to see inside the vault as well!

I highly recommend visiting the Money Museum. We have been to Kansas City a number of times, and this was our first time visiting this museum. We will definitely be back. 

This museum is very well done and kid friendly. I recommend this museum for kids 5 and up. Our three year old also enjoyed himself here and there are many things he could do, too, but it was our older two boys who were really able to soak things in and ask some good questions!

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