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The Great Wolf Lodge Experience: A Perfect Family Escape

For families in search of the ultimate getaway that blends cozy accommodations with thrilling activities, and family fun, Great Wolf Lodge is the dream escape your family has been waiting for!

Great Wolf Lodge is such a great place for kids of all ages and there is SO much to do.

Keep reading to explore my top reasons why Great Wolf Lodge is the ultimate family escape.

1. Awesome Rooms

Great Wolf Lodge has so many fantastic room options that will accommodate a variety of family sizes.

To add even more to the fun and uniqueness of Great Wolf Lodge, guests can even choose from different themed room options.

Each of these guest rooms have convenient and cozy amenities as well!

Spacious Suites

Great Wolf Lodge has a variety of spacious suites that will fit the entire family.

We stayed in the Kid Cabin Suite which sleeps 6-7 people. This was perfect for our family of six.

The Kid Cabin Suite has a queen bed for the adults in the main living area as well as a bunk bed and a twin bed in the kid’s sleeping area.

Additionally, the couch pulls out into a bed to fit two additional people.

Themed Rooms

Great Wolf Lodge offers a number of different themed rooms that add an extra dose of excitement and magic to your stay.

These themed rooms include the Kid Cabin Suite with a kids sleeping area that looks like a log cabin, the Wolf Den Suite that features a cave sleeping area, and finally the KidKamp suite with a tent-themed sleeping area.

In the Kid Cabin Suite the kids had their own themed bunk bed area which they thought was super cool to sleep and hang out in.

This cabin themed area has two bunk beds plus a daybed so it is perfect for three kids.

It is separated by a wall from the rest of the room so the kids can play and hang out there while adults can enjoy some quieter time in the rest of the room which features a queen bed plus a sleeper sofa. 

Family Friendly Amenities

I also like that this room has a table and chairs in it.

If you plan to save money by bringing your own breakfast foods or simply for eating other snacks, having a table to sit at makes it even better.

The rooms also have a mini fridge and microwave which is always a must when traveling with kids. 

Finally, I love their little decorative corner electric fireplace. It just brings an extra level of coziness to the room and makes me feel like I am in an actual cabin. 

2. On-Site Eating Options

Great Wolf Lodge has a variety of eating options so you don’t even need to leave the resort.

We usually choose a quick service option for breakfast.

Our family enjoys the pastries and coffee from the ice cream/coffee shop or the grab-and-go market available on the premises.

Additionally, the resort has a sit-down restaurant that also offers a breakfast buffet.  

There is also quick service dining plus a bar at the waterpark so if the family is having a great time swimming or you can’t get the kids out of the pool, you can just eat right there! 

Great Wolf Lodge also has a pizza and pasta carryout option that we always love.

You can order ahead and pick it up when you are ready and either eat in your room or find a table by the market to dine at. 

You will discover a variety of dining options for each meal right at the resort, so there is no need to venture outside for food.

3. Abundance of Kid Entertainment

There is so much for kids of all ages to do at the Great Wolf Lodge.

MagiQuest Game

One of the most unique activities at Great Wolf Lodge is the MagiQuest game.

My kids absolutely love doing this!

MagiQuest lets kids become real life wizards on a quest to unlock hidden secrets throughout the resort.

There are different quests and puzzles to solve as well as spells to cast and hidden treasures to find!

In order to participate, visitors will need to purchase a magic wand and topper (or bring one from a previous Great Wolf Lodge visit) as well as purchase the ability to do the game.

During your stay, you will have unlimited MagiQuest play.

This is a great thing to do whenever you have some downtime during your stay or before the waterpark and other attractions open.

Expert Tip

Make sure to keep track of your MagiQuest wands when you go home so you can save money and use them again on future Great Wolf Lodge stays!

Nightly Story time and Dance Parties

As the sun sets and the stars come out, Great Wolf Lodge turns into a hub of nightly family entertainment.

The resort typically offers a daily story time as well as an evening dance party right before bedtime. This is the perfect way to get some last minute energy out before bed!

My kids LOVE getting on their pajamas and then heading down to the lobby to do some dancing.

Character Appearances

Character appearances are another special touch that makes Great Wolf Lodge such a magical and fun place for kids.

From Wiley the Wolf to Oliver Raccoon and Violet the Wolf, there are so many exciting woodland characters to meet!

Make sure to have your phone with you to take some pictures as you see the delight in your children’s eyes meeting these fun loving characters!

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Additional Fun Attractions

Great Wolf Lodge always goes the extra mile to ensure that every member of your family is enjoying their time at the resort.

Some other attractions that will add to your family’s amazing experience at this resort include:

  • Arcade
  • Laser tag
  • Mini golf
  • Ropes course
  • Gem mining
  • Mini bowling
  • Climbing wall
  • Build-a-Bear Workshop
  • Morning yoga
  • Arts and crafts

Note: The available attractions may vary depending on the specific Great Wolf Lodge location you choose for your stay.

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4. So Much Waterpark Fun

Of course we cannot forget the exciting waterpark.

The Great Wolf Lodge has so much waterpark fun for everyone in your family!

Must Know Information

To make the most of your waterpark experience, you have the opportunity to access the waterpark as early as it opens on the day of your check-in and enjoy it until closing on your day of departure.

I love the waterpark because it is truly made for kids of all ages and swim levels.

Waterpark Features

  • Giant water slides- With twists, turns, and drops, these thrilling water slides will get your heart pounding with excitement. Most of the water slides require a minimum height of either 42 or 48 inches.
  • Wave pool and lazy river- Some of the Great Wolf Lodge resorts have a wave pool and/or a lazy river for visitors to enjoy! I personally LOVE relaxing on the lazy river.
  • Splash areas for younger children- The waterpark has a wonderful kiddie pool for babies, toddlers, and younger kids or unsure swimmers. There is a zero depth entry pool with interactive water features and a couple of mini slides too! 
  • Multi-level Interactive Tree House- Known as Fort Mackenzie, this four story tree house is thrilling for kids of all ages. With spray cannons, suspension bridges, and slides plus the humongous spill bucket, Fort Mackenzie has so much for everyone to explore!

Discover More

While each Great Wolf Lodge waterpark provides a similar thrilling experience for guests, the features at each may be slightly different. For example, some of them have additional amenities and activities such as hot tubs, basketball hoops, lily pad obstacles, and even an outdoor pool area.

Dining Options and Refreshments

Swimming typically makes kids and adults hungry and even thirsty.

Fortunately, the waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge has some fantastic options for an entire meal, quick snacks, and even a variety of beverages.

Buckets is the go-to spot for food at the Kansas City Great Wolf Lodge waterpark. You can find burgers, chicken, fries, salads, soft pretzels, and more at Buckets.

Each of the water parks also have a bar for adult beverages as well!


Adult beverages available

Even the adults can have some fun while staying at Great Wolf Lodge.

Alcoholic beverages are available throughout the resort.

There is a bar with speciality cocktails and other drinks inside of the water park.

Additionally, there is a grab and go market that has domestic and craft beer and wine.

Add-on Packages

Great Wolf Lodge offers a number of attraction packages that cater to the diverse needs and desires of every family.

There is the Pup Pass for younger children, the Paw Pass which offers a broader range of attractions and experiences, and finally, the Wolf Pass which is the ultimate adventure pass and offers a more all-inclusive experience.

We usually purchase the Paw Pass for each of our children. This pass gives the kids an opportunity to try a few activities plus indulge in some fun treats too!

My kids LOVE wearing their Paw Passes around their neck while at the resort.

It adds an extra layer of excitement to our getaway as they eagerly set out on a mission to collect and experience everything their pass offers.

I strongly recommend purchasing one of these attraction passes for each of your children!

They offer convenience, provide cost savings, and enhance the overall experience for your family.

Expert Tips

1. Bring your own snacks and bottled water to save some money on food and beverage purchases.
2. Remember to bring some sandals, crocs, or other footwear suitable to walk to and from the water park.
3. Towels are available at the water park. Make sure to have a cover up or something to wear to walk back to the room.
4. Consider bringing slippers for the evening pajama dance party.
5. No need to carry around a wallet as you can charge everything to the room!

I hope this post has piqued your interest in giving Great Wolf Lodge a try for your next family getaway or maybe it has inspired you to plan another visit!

Great Wolf Lodge is truly a fantastic family getaway that everyone will love and be talking about.

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May you love your adventure. KW

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