Smash Park West Des Moines

Has your family gotten in on the pickleball frenzy yet? Whether you are a pickleball fanatic or not, your family needs to visit Smash Park in West Des Moines.

View of the outside yard and entrance to Smash Park in West Des Moines, Iowa.

What is Smash Park?

Smash Park is an entertainment venue and restaurant combined, and there really is something here for everyone!

There are pickleball courts both inside and outside the venue. 

Additionally, outside in the yard, you can play cornhole, bocce ball, giant Connect 4, and shuffleboard.

Inside Smash Park are more pickleball courts plus a couple of arcade areas, ping pong, foosball, cornhole, giant Connect 4, Jenga, and many tabletop games as well.

Smash Park also has so many great food options plus a full bar. 

View of the outside yard at Smash Park in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Can I bring the kids to Smash Park?

Yes, you can definitely bring the kids to Smash Park. We love taking our children to Smash Park as it is a great place for the grownups to enjoy food and drinks while the kids are kept busy playing Jenga, Connect 4, foosball, and more. 

Certain days and times are definitely busier than others, and the more people that are at Smash Park the more chaotic it may feel with the kids.

Luckily since we live in West Des Moines, we are able to visit during less popular times when it is not so busy and thus, makes having the whole family there much more manageable. 

Smash Park is a great place to take the entire family any time of the year. If you are looking to get the kids out of the house during the winter, it is a great place to be active and try something new.

My kids LOVE playing foosball and the Giant Connect 4. Additionally, I always need to get a game of ping pong in. Finally, the kids always beg for some arcade time as well!

Smash Park also has a great kids menu which is another plus!

What type of food does Smash Park have?

Smash Park has so many great food options that everyone is sure to find something they like. 

My kids are always satisfied with some french fries and mac and cheese. The kids menu is great as it comes with a kid friendly main entree plus a side and fountain drink. 

Smash Park has many awesome appetizers. I love their pickleballs, which is a fried ball of cream cheese, dill pickles, bacon bits, and cheese. It is very delicious. 

Another favorite of our family is the King’s Hawaiian garlic bread, and yes, it is as good as it sounds. 

Really you cannot go wrong with your food choice at Smash Park.

Besides appetizers, they have flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and some great sides. Are you looking for a dessert? They have that too!

The food section at Smash Park is self-service meaning you go up to the counter to order, and then you will receive a buzzer that will go off when your food is ready to be picked up.

Additionally, you have to order alcohol at the bar separately from the food. There are also servers that will come around to take any additional alcoholic beverage orders you may have. 

The self service food ordering and pick up area at Smash Park.

Do I need a reservation for Smash Park?

Smash Park does not take reservations unless you have booked a private event ahead of time. 

All of the tables at Smash Park are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Note: If an area of Smash Park has been reserved for a private party or group, that activity may not be available during the time you are there. 

The pickleball courts, bocce ball, and shuffleboard usually do need to be booked ahead of time.

What tips do you have for visiting Smash Park West Des Moines with kids?

1. If you can go to Smash Park at a time that is not so busy such as on an afternoon during the week or an early dinner, you will be able to more easily pick a table that will work for your family and near the activities that you want to do.

2. Figure out the food order for everyone in your family ahead of time. Consider doing it even before you get there. That will make ordering the food go much smoother.

3. Gather all your utensils, napkins, condiments, fountain drinks, and water right away after ordering and bring all that to your table before picking up your food. Also, if you are planning on ordering from the bar, do that at this time too. 

4. Fun fact: They have really good free flavored infused water. Last time I was there they had one water infused with oranges and another with lemons and limes. 

5. Be flexible. Smash Park is such an entertaining and exciting place, but it can get very busy. Sometimes it might be difficult to find a table right away or play the game you want. 

6. Have fun! Smash Park has so much to offer everyone, and it is a fantastic place to try something new.

I hope you have an amazing time with your family and friends at Smash Park. Click here to view Smash Park’s website and menus. 

Let me know what is your favorite thing about Smash Park. May you love your adventure! KW 

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