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Visiting Silver Dollar City is one of the most memorable and magical experiences you can have with your family during the Christmas season. We love Silver Dollar City any time of the year but it is extra special during the holidays. This post will provide you with all the best information to help you plan your visit to Silver Dollar City and to help you know what to expect when you get there. Read all of my tips below for visiting Silver Dollar City.

Arrive Early

I would HIGHLY suggest arriving at Silver Dollar City early and even BEFORE it’s actually opening. The traffic going into Silver Dollar City can be frustrating on weekends and busy days so trying to get there early could save you some headache.

I will tell you that we went the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas and traffic was very bad. In an instance as this you just have to keep calm, stay positive, and remain patient as you will eventually make it in and there are still many hours in the day to enjoy the sights and attractions. Planning to arrive early is beneficial even if you do end up in a few slowdowns.

Utilize the Free Parking

Spending a day or two at Silver Dollar City can be quite expensive as can any amusement park. One area where you can save a few dollars is with parking. The free lots aren’t that much further and there are trams that will transport you to the park entrance. 

We parked in one of the free lots, and I even ran back to my car a few times during the day and the walk wasn’t bad at all! Save your money for an extra treat or souvenir inside and do the free parking!

Bring a Stroller or Wagon

Spending a day at an amusement park can be very tiresome for kids (and adults) of all ages. We always bring a stroller or wagon with us. Not only is it a great place for kids with tired legs to sit for a bit but it also can hold bags, souvenirs, water bottles, snacks, etc. They do have stroller rentals at Silver Dollar City but there is not a ton of storage space in them. 

Also during busy times especially during the holidays the line for stroller rentals can be long. I would just suggest bringing your own, and you will be all set.

Bring Your Own Water Bottles

Another area to save money and time is by bringing water bottles for everyone in your family. You CAN bring them inside the park which is great! You can just fill your water bottle up at the various food stands and other places for free and you are on your way!

Make a Bucket List

We love checking out the amusement park we are planning on visiting online even before we leave for our trip. Each kid makes a list of 2 or 3 things they would like to do. I even make my own mini bucket list of things I want to see or do or even eat. Planning this ahead of time will give you a good overview of Silver Dollar City and maybe even help you familiarize with it a little bit before you even get there. 

Before you arrive at Silver Dollar City try to map out broadly what you want to do and in what order just to have somewhat of a plan. Keep in mind though that this is just a general plan and that it is OK if things need to be moved around or changed. 

Download the Silver Dollar City App

The Silver Dollar City app can also be a good little planning tool. The app allows you to create a list of things you want to see or do. You can create more than one too which is great. The app is also a great way to access show times and information about rides and dining. It also has an interactive map on it.

Do the Marvel Cave Tour

If your kids aren’t too young, I would recommend doing the Marvel Cave tour. The tour is free with admission to the park. It is so amazing and definitely worth your time. We did the tour with our two older boys (ages 6 and 8) and they absolutely loved it!  Note: There are tons of steps and only a few tight spaces.

 The tour is an hour plus you have to wait in line for a spot as the tour is walk-in only so it can be time consuming but if you are interested in the least, it is totally worth it! It can be a good break from the rides and crowds too.

Head Towards the Back of the Park

If you get there right at the opening, I would suggest walking past all the beginning sights and attractions and make your way into the park a bit. This will allow you to separate from the crowd and to do or see one of your bucket list items right away. 

When we were there over Thanksgiving weekend, we headed back towards the front of the park late in the afternoon to get a little break from the crowds and it was great! We walked through the Wilderness Church and even sat in it for a few minutes. It was very relaxing. 

Bring Extra Coats and Blankets

If you are at Silver Dollar City for its Christmas festivities, I would suggest bringing extra blankets and coats for the evening. Sometimes it can get fairly warm during the day but as soon as that sun goes down it does get chilly. You do not want to have cold children during the evening when you are trying to enjoy all of the lights and sights.

Give Yourself Grace

You can be super prepared and have your day planned perfectly for your visit to Silver Dollar City and it still might not always go the exact way you expected. Give yourself some grace. Know that there are uncertainties and things that are just unpredictable especially when it comes to crowds and kids.

When we went to Silver Dollar City at Thanksgiving time, it was so packed and it continued to get more and more packed as the day went on. We tried to eat lunch at an off time to avoid the crowds and it just didn’t work. The lines for food were so long. I had to take a deep breath and tell myself that this is ok. We ended up getting our food and finally found a place to sit. 

This was an example of a time that I could have planned everything so precisely but the crowds that day were simply making things a little more challenging. That is ok!

Also that day, my three year old was not in a good mood. It was past nap time for my little ones, and they just weren’t having it anymore. We decided that my husband would take the two little ones back and I stayed past dark with the older boys. I would have loved for us all to be there together but it just wasn’t going to happen and that is ok. We still had an amazing time and made many special memories.

Silver Dollar City Tip #11 Let It Go and Enjoy Yourself

This goes along with giving yourself grace. Don’t stress yourself trying to get to a show an hour ahead of time so you can get a seat or worry about getting on every single ride. Some days with crowds, weather, kids, etc. it just isn’t going to happen and that is ok.

When we were at Silver Dollar City we didn’t get to see any of the big popular shows. It just wasn’t going to happen that day. We stumbled across Tinker Jr.’s Toy Shop show just as it was starting and my kids loved it! They had smiles across their faces and were talking about it nonstop afterwards.  It was great!

Tinker Jr.'s Toy Show stage and decorations

Don’t let the little things get you down or stress too much about them. Let it go. Enjoy the moments and savor this special time with your family. 

I hope this information will help you on your visit to Silver Dollar City. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and make memories with your kids. There will always be challenging times when vacationing with kids or while being at an amusement park but looking back you will remember the joyous moments and the awe in your children’s eyes and on their faces. Check out my post Christmas in Branson 2022 to find more memorable things to do during your time in Branson. KW

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