7 Amazing Things to do on Mackinac Island with Kids

We recently visited Mackinac Island with our four boys ages 8, 6, 2, and 9 months. Our boys loved this trip so much that they are begging to go back.

Some people may think of Mackinac Island as the perfect place for a couples vacation or a getaway with friends which it definitely is, but it is also a fantastic place to take your kids. 

Here are 7 of the best activities to do on Mackinac Island with kids.

1. Visit ALL the fudge shops

Did you know that Mackinac Island is famous for its fudge? I had no idea until I visited Mackinac Island for the first time.

My kids love fudge AND ice cream so Mackinac Island is the perfect place for them!

We had the greatest time going into the fudge shops and sampling the fudge.

We even had to purchase a few slices too.

2. Mini Golf at Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort, located on the eastern side of Mackinac Island, has a picturesque 18 hole miniature golf course called the Greens of Mackinac.

DISCOVER MISSION POINT RESORT: 5 Reasons to Stay at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island

This miniature golf course has stunning views of the Straits of Mackinac.

We enjoyed playing our mini golf game as the sun was setting, and it was absolutely magical.

In the evening during the summer months (late May-early September), they also have glow golf.

Besides the amazing views, another unique thing about this miniature golf course is that it is on real grass. 

Must Know Information

The Greens of Mackinac has varying hours depending on the season and is dependent on the weather. To confirm current hours, call (906) 847-3007.

Expert Tip

Bistro on the Greens, located right on the Greens of Mackinac miniature golf course, is a perfect spot to enjoy a snack or meal before or after playing some miniature golf. It is outdoor dining with stunning views. Bistro on the Greens’ Mediterranean inspired menu also has a few things that the kids can eat too!

3. Skip Rocks

Our boys could skip and play with rocks all day long on Mackinac Island, and it is absolutely free!

The island shore is very rocky so there are plenty of places to enjoy the rocks.

We skipped rocks right outside Mission Point Resort and stopped a few times during our bike ride around the island too.

4. Bike the 8.2 Miles Around the Island

This was my top bucket list item on our visit to Mackinac Island.

We rented bikes at our resort although there are plenty of other places to rent them near downtown such as Mackinac Wheels

Bicycle in front of the Mackinac Wheels bike rental shop on Mackinac Island.

Each of the bicycle rental shops have a variety of bikes to rent that meet the needs of all types of families.

For example, we rented a bike for our eight year old. My husband and six year old rode a tagalong bike, and I pulled both our 2 year old and baby in a Burley.

This bike ride exceeded my expectations.

It was gorgeous and so fun!

Part way around the island there is a concession stand and restrooms available.

The concession stand has a variety of food and beverages available and picnic tables to rest. 

It will likely take you about 2-3 hours with stops to bike around Mackinac Island.

Expert Tip

Take your time riding the 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island. Make sure to stop and enjoy the scenic views. You can stop to hike up to see the iconic Arch Rock. Also, take a break to skip some rocks plus get a snack from the concession stand or a coffee from Mission Point Resort!

5. Take a Carriage Ride

With the most unique thing about Mackinac Island being that the main modes of transportation are horses and bikes, you definitely have to take a carriage ride at least once during your visit. 

There are many options for carriage rides.

You can take a longer carriage tour of the island. Mackinac Carriage Tours is an option for this.

Another option is to rent your own carriage and drive yourself and your family through Jack’s Livery Stable.

Additionally, you can also get your carriage ride in simply by taking it as a taxi.

We experienced our ride by taking a horse-drawn carriage shuttle from our resort to downtown.

It was the perfect little relaxing ride to cross riding in a carriage off our Mackinac Island bucket list. 

6. See Arch Rock

This was another highlight for me on my Mackinac Island bucket list.

Arch Rock is a breathtaking geological formation overlooking Lake Huron.

We had a fun time climbing the 207 steps up to Arch Rock.

It definitely gets your heart pumping.

My 8 year old counted the steps so we can confidently state that the 207 steps is an accurate number. 

7. Fort Mackinac

My boys were super excited to visit historic Fort Mackinac.

Their favorite part of visiting Fort Mackinac was the cannon firing which occurs about every hour.

They also enjoyed the rifle demonstration and seeing the costumed soldiers.

Another cool part for kids was the Kids’ Quarters.

This is a hands-on area tailored for kids to learn and experience the Fort.

Here the kids could dress up as soldiers, play instruments, build block structures, interactive computers to design their own layout of a Fort, and so much more! 

We absolutely loved Fort Mackinac and seeing what life was like at the Fort. The views weren’t too bad either!

More Great Activities for Kids

Two other fun activities that we did not get to do this time but I would love to do next time we visit Mackinac Island is a visit to the Butterfly House and Insect World and a guided kayak and paddle board tour around the island with Great Turtle Kayak Rentals.

Mackinac Island is definitely a family friendly destination with so many opportunities for fun, adventure, and memories.


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May you LOVE your adventure. KW

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