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Kansas City’s Science City

Kansas City is such an awesome community with endless places for families to visit and explore. We have been to Kansas City numerous times and visited many of these family friendly attractions.

One attraction that we continue to go back to each time we visit is Science City! The first time we visited my oldest was just 4 years old, and now he is 9.

It has been so fun to see and explore Science City through his eyes for all of these years.

If you have not ever been to Science City or it has been a few years since your last visit, you will want to read this guide to Science City. 

It will answer all of your questions and create some excitement as you plan or look forward to your visit.

Exterior of Union Station in Kansas City.

Science City Guide

Where is Science City located?

Science City is located inside of Union Station in downtown Kansas City. 

You will need to walk through Union Station in order to get to the Science City entrance. 

Walking through Union Station will give you the opportunity to see the gorgeous architecture of this building.

What is parking like for Science City?

You can park in the parking garage for Union Station. There are also a couple of parking lots. Parking rates do apply. 

What is admission for Science City?

Admission for Science City is $14.50 for all ages. Kids 12 months and under are free.

Boy standing in front of welcome sign for Science City in Kansas City's Union Station.

How long does it take to go through Science City?

From my experience, it will take your family about 3-4 hours to feel like you have fully explored and experienced Science City. 

Can I bring a stroller into Science City?

You can bring a stroller into Science City. There are two different levels to Science City but there is an elevator in the center which makes it fairly easy to go between the floors with your stroller. 

Which ages are best for Science City?

As I described above, Science City is really a fantastic place for kids of all ages. Some science centers are more geared for elementary aged and older kids but not this one!

Science City has numerous exhibits for younger kids as well as elementary aged kids and even teenagers will enjoy many of the activities that Science City offers. 

If you are looking for something to do with family and friends that are of a variety of ages, this is the place where EVERYONE can enjoy themselves and find something to do. 

Interior of Science City

Our Favorite Science City Exhibits

Mr. E Hotel

This area of Science City is full of optical illusions. You walk through this “hotel” and in every room and crevice there is another illusion. 

We always have a lot of laughs in this area. 

Kids of all ages will enjoy walking through here.

Step Right Up

This is one of Science City’s newest sections, and it is filled with carnival games! We all love to have a go at these various carnival challenges such as shooting baskets, bottle balance, Skeeball, circle of chance and more. 

Who would have known that these carnival-like games can teach you different science concepts?! 


It is fun for all to have an opportunity to sit in the helicopter and get a photo op. 

Helicopter inside Science City in Kansas City

Interactive Puzzles

As a 9 year old, my oldest son LOVED doing these brain puzzles and challenges. He loved it so much that we went to this area twice during our visit!

The interactive puzzle area is definitely for older elementary aged kids all the way up to the adult age group.

Boy doing interactive puzzles at Science City.

ALL Aboard

This pretend play train area is perfect for the younger kids! I think this area is so cute for ages 2-7.

There is so much to do in this exhibit that will really get this age group’s imagination going.

One fun thing is that there are both dining and sleeping train cars that you can walk in and role play inside. Additionally, they also have a mail car where kids can sort postcards.

Also, there is a model train display that kids can even crawl under and poke their head up in order to get a closer look.

The ALL Aboard section also has tracks and trains to play with. 

Kids could probably spend close to an hour just in this section!

Every Last Drop

This is an exciting water exhibit which the kids LOVE. It is always fun to play with and learn about water. 

Simple Machines at Play

This is an outdoor exhibit where kids can climb, do a zipline, lift levers, race, spin and so much more in order to learn and experience how simple machines work. 

It is fun to be able to get outside for some hands-on learning, too!

Tot Lot

Science City also has an indoor playground for kids ages 0-3.

Overlooking the Tot Lot Playground at Science City.

Let’s Play

This is a special exhibit for ages 3 and under. How awesome is it that even the youngest visitors can learn and experience science and the world around them too?!

I love that Science City even has a few exhibits that are geared specifically for the younger kids too!

These are just some of the examples of the many exhibits at Science City. This place is just awesome!

I love the ambiance and open air feeling you get as well when you visit. It is truly a special place.

We have been to many science centers, and my kids will agree with me that Science City is super unique and one of our favorites. This is why we keep coming back.

I hope you get to visit Science City! I know you will love it as much as we do!

If you are looking for another amazing family friendly museum in Kansas City, read my post on the Money Museum.

Share this post with a friend so they can come visit too!

May you love your adventure! KW

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